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What to Bring

Check the weather forecast and pack appropriately. Most of our time is spent outdoors.

Layers, bug repellent, sunscreen, and extra socks are always good options. Blankets and pillows. Costuming. Snacks for in between meals. Beverages, especially water. Staying hydrated is important! Also make sure to bring toiletry materials such as towels, toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant.

NPCs should bring dark clothes with no logos and comfortable shoes/boots that are either in period or dark and non-descript. Most costuming will be provided, however have a nice blank (and warm) base is beneficial.

Your First Event

Welcome to Alliance Larp Traverse City! That first event can be a daunting prospect. NPC vs PC? What do I need to bring? How do I make a character? Where will I sleep? Will I be fighting all the time? What about food? This handy guide will help ease you into your first event.

Before we answer all those burning questions, a few useful facts:

FOIG – Find Out In Game. Many times you will ask a question and receive this answer. This simply means that the answer is IG (in game) and thus your character should ask someone in game.

IG – In game. This refers to your character and everything in the game world.

OOG – Out of Game. This refers to you the person, general information, and the real world.

NPH – New Player Helper. This is a person designated to assist new player with safe combat techniques, general rules, and answering questions.

Marshal – Certified in Rules and Enforcement. These are the people to make the official call on the field if there is a rules question. Their ruling is final. Should you still disagree, go with their ruling to ensure the flow of game play and ask for an adjudication after the event (or when downtime allows).

Adjudication – Amending something that has happened in game due to incorrect ruling. This is most commonly done for deaths that occurred due to npc error or rules confusion. An adjudication can never change the story. What happened happened. However, it may amend things such as your total death count on your character sheet.

NPC – Non Player Character. These are the monsters, merchants, and general minions of the plot team. Their cards are determined by plot.

PC – Playable Character. These are the adventurers. Each adventurer builds their own character based around the rules and abilities found in the Alliance Larp Rule Book.

GS – Goblin Stamps. This is a virtual currency awarded for donations (monetary, time and labor, etc) to the chapter. These stamps can be redeemed for a variety of things including blanketing events (getting xp for events you weren’t at, and monthly blankets), coin, production, and sometimes even ritual scrolls.


Starting out as an npc gives you the opportunity to test the waters. NPCing is free. NPCing gives you the chance to try many roles, such as fighting, rp, spell casting, etc, before you lock yourself into a particular character. It is a great way to learn the rules, figure out what you can and can’t do, and see how the whole thing works, before you invest in a personalized character.

Some people prefer to jump right in. The rulebook walks you through starting build, classes, races, etc. Design your backstory, costume, weapons, and character sheet. If you need help at any point, reach out to our oog forums.

When your character is all designed and ready to go, feel free to make a post on the IG forum. This can be a great way to introduce yourself, make a few potential friends, and maybe even find a ward to sleep in!

Your First Day at NPC Camp

So, you want to be a monster. You pack up your weekend bag of dark clothes and head on down to camp. When you arrive, check in at logistics. This ensures you will get credit for your time spent npcing, and they can direct you to npc camp. Once in npc camp, get settled in and introduce yourself around. Generally a NPH will come find you and any other new players for a safe combat lesson. Before game on, npc camp is in setup mode. Once game on approaches, you will be given a role, a costume, and instructions. NPCs are always in demand. Once game on is called and pcs start hunting for adventure, you will be constantly on the go. Look to your

plot runners and more experienced npcs for help/questions.

Your First Day as a PC

Your bags are packed, character submitted, background submitted, and maybe even a donation so you can back blanket for extra xp. You head on down to camp and make your way to logistics. At logistics you make any payments needed and hand in any donations you may have. You will be given a character card along with any tags owed you. These tags may include armor tags (based on costume), weapon tags (starting weapons),

spell books, and any production tags for skills used or GS spent. The tags you receive correlate to what your character has on their card. So a templar might receive an armor tag for having leather bracers (must have actual REAL leather bracers), a sword tag (weapons are owned by individuals, you will need to bring your own or ask someone in advance to borrow), and a spellbook with 2 first level spells and 1 second level spell in it. Every new character also receives 15 copper as starting money. Once you are checked in, you need to find a place to put your stuff.

Head on down to the pc cabins and find yourself a bunk. As a general guideline, under the bunk is considered out of game. Feel free to stash your purse or wallet there, but not your IG things or coin. When players are ready to start, they tend to gather in the tavern to wait for game on. At game on the owner, gm, and head of plot will give everyone a general overview of specific rules, effects, etc for this particular event. Once game on is called, you are now your character! Go talk to people, both pc and npc to find out what’s happening. Most people tend to form groups or guilds to adventure with, but this is not a requirement. If you want to hide in the woods and ambush people and never officially meet a single person… that is your perogative. No matter what you decide to do, remember, it is a game! Have fun!