The purpose of Traverse City IBGA is further develop plot and mods that you are interested in exploring.  It is not a form of paper gaming and the IBGA will lead to in-game encounter or mod.IBGAs help us as a plot team help provide content that you will enjoy.

IBGA Policy

1) You MUST be attending the event that you are submitting your IBGA;
2) You MUST prereg for the event before you will get a response; though please feel free to submit your IBGA as soon as possible.  
3) In order to get an IBGA response, IBGA must be submitted two weeks before an event;
4) You are limited to a single action.  No extra craftsman actions, but craftsman may effect your response.  Please fill in all your craftsman in the IBGA form.
5) Craftsman ranks matter.  Rank 1 (Novice), Rank 10 (Journeyman), and Rank 20 (Master).  Blacksmith, Alchemy, Scroll-Maker, Trap-Maker, and Potion-Maker skills count as craftsman for purposes of IBGA.


Craftsman Options