Terms of use and policies of Traverse City larp

Alliance Traverse City's Age Limit Policy

It is the policy of Alliance Traverse City that all members must be the age of (14) fourteen or older. All members under the age of (18) eighteen must have a completed and signed parental consent form before they will be allowed to play at an Alliance Traverse event. We will, however, allow younger players under our PAGE policy.

Alliance Traverse City's PAGE Policy

  • It is the policy of Alliance Traverse City that all members between the ages of (6) six and (13) thirteen will be given the status of “PAGE” and must abide by all guidelines regarding “Page” status. A “PAGE” can also include injured or pregnant members who wish to play but are unable to be involved in combat (those who are over the age of thirteen are not required to have a parent or legal guardian stay with them). The following guidelines are:

  • A PAGE’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must fill out and sign all membership forms and waivers along with the PAGE before the PAGE is allowed to participate at any Alliance Traverse City event.

  • The PAGE’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must contact the staff of Alliance Traverse City so that the Owner or General Manager may discuss with the PAGE’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s), their particular circumstance.

  • The PAGE must be accompanied with a parent(s) or legal guardian(s) at any event that they attend or they will be turned away at the door and unable to stay at the event.

  • The PAGE must stay with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) at all times (this includes sleeping). The parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must be able to know where their PAGE is at all times.

  • PAGE’s are required to wear an orange headband with the word “PAGE” written on it prominently. PAGE’s are not to remove this headband or hide it at anytime during the event with the exception of sleeping.

  • PAGE’s are required to not enter combat in any way. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Alchemy, Potions – attempting to give potions to unconscious bodies on a battlefield.

    • Being within a 20-foot radius of any combat.

  • PAGE’s cannot purchase any combat, weapon, or casting skills. Pages can purchase “role-playing” skills such as: Read and Write, Healing Arts, Craftsman and such. Alchemy can be purchased but gases cannot be used.

  • PAGE’s cannot carry weapons at all.

  • PAGE’s can be killed and searched. In order to kill a page, a player simply has to be close enough to be able to touch the page and must say, “PAGE, I kill you.” The PAGE is then at zero hit points, unless a Killing Blow is given. All other rules concerning healing and resurrections apply; and of course, all in-game ramifications do as well.

  • If at any time a PAGE does not follow by these guidelines, the PAGE and their parent(s) or legal guardian(s), will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance to Alliance Traverse City’s Disciplinary Policy. Alliance Traverse City reserves the right to ask that the PAGE be removed from the site if the PAGE is disruptive and dangerous to them and/or the game and the Parent or Legal Guardian is required to do so.

Alliance Traverse City’s Pre-Registration Policy

Alliance Traverse is striving to better itself by having prompt start times. To assist with this, we have instituted the Pre-Registration (or Pre-Reg) Policy. If you Pre-Reg for an event, you will be awarded 50 Goblin Stamps for doing so. Get your Goblin Stamps and help our game at the same time, as not Pre-Reg’ing correctly (or not at all) directly impacts our game start time, treasure calculation, tavern preparation, etc…

1. Pre-Reg must be completed by midnight,the Tuesday before any event. This is regardless of the start date of the event.

2. If you are not from this chapter, a character update must also be sent from your home chapter by the deadline.

3. A list of all tags needed by your character must be sent. This includes spells memorized, magic items, character production, goblin stamp production, High magic, etc…

4. Sending information on spending any loose build that you may have.

Payment for an event does not have to be sent ahead of time for you to be considered Pre-Reg’d, all payments can be made at the door.

All of these requirements must be met to consider yourself Pre-Reg’d. If they are not, you will not get the goblin stamp bonus. Furthermore, if you show up after “game-on” you will have to NPC or sit out until a Logistics staff member can check you in.

Alliance Traverse City's Magic Items/Ritual Effects Policy

The following is the policy of Alliance Traverse City in regards to transfers of Magic Items/Ritual Effects from other Alliance chapters. Please be aware, that the General Manager, Head of Rules and/or Plot may choose to restrict any magic item at any time should circumstances warrant it.

Alliance Magic Items:
all Restricted Magic Items from Alliance chapters in the Fortanis Campaign, are subject to Alliance Traverse City’s approval and must be checked in at logistics before each event. If the items fall under the following criteria, they will be allowed into our chapter. These criteria are “All or Nothing” and you cannot remove or ignore effects of an item to allow it to transfer. Any rituals effects on an item, which fall outside of these criteria, disqualify the item for transfer. Alliance Traverse City will allow items with the following criteria:

  • All Times Ever items.

  • All items that have charges per day.

  • All Permanent Restricted Items made within the guidelines of the Alliance Ritual Policy.

  • All Rituals on a player’s spirit are permitted as long as they follow the Alliance Ritual Policy.

Alliance Traverse LCO Magic Items:
all LCO Magic Items that are specifically from the Alliance Traverse City Chapter, will be accepted at any Alliance Traverse event.

  • Also, please be aware, that even if your item is initially allowed into any Alliance Traverse event, the General Manager, Head of Rules and/or Plot of Alliance Traverse City may choose to restrict any LCO magic item at any time should circumstances warrant it.

Alliance LCO Magic Items:
all LCO items, not originating from Alliance Traverse, will be allowed from any chapter for transfer into Alliance Traverse games with the following restrictions.

  • Any item that is not creatable under current ritual rules will be considered an artifact and will fall under our artifact policy.

  • We will not scale down any item. If your item has a ritual effect that is not creatable under the current ritual rules then the entire item will be denied as a standard LCO magic item, and will need to be considered under our Artifact policy.

  • This policy has been put in place to allow players to use items earned in other chapters for their hard work and dedication to the game. This is a rewards benefit and is not a hard fast rule. Anyone caught abusing this policy will lose their ability to benefit from it.

  • Please be aware that this policy is subject to change at any time without notice and that the Alliance bylaws support this policy.

Alliance “Artifacts” Items:
all items labeled as an Artifact, will not be accepted at any Alliance Traverse event. The only exception to this is in the case where we are contacted by a member of another chapter’s Staff (Owner, Head of Rules, and/or Plot) and asked if we will allow a certain Artifact into our chapter. This is usually done as a result of cross chapter plot. This communication must be done prior to the event you wish to attend. If we feel that the item will not unbalance our game in any way, or if it is part of an ongoing cross chapter plot line, we may allow it.

Also, please be aware, that even if your item is initially allowed into any particular event, the General Manager, Head of Rules and/or Plot of Alliance Traverse City may choose to restrict any magic item at any time should circumstances warrant it.

Alliance Traverse City’s Weapon Policy

It is the policy of Alliance Traverse City that along with the standard boffer weapon described in the player’s handbook, we will also accept ultra light and foam latex weapons at our events. These will be accepted on a case-by-case basis as there are varying degrees of construction of these types of weapons and they must still pass a weapon safety inspection before being allowed into one of our events.

In either case, you must be prepared if your latex or ultra light weapon does not pass our inspection. It is probably a good idea to bring a standard boffer “back-up” in the case that it does not pass inspection, as there is no guarantee that we would have any weapons to loan you at any given time.

Alliance Traverse City's Character Transfer Policy

It is the policy of Alliance Traverse City that we accept any character transfers from any member of an Alliance Chapter. To transfer in your character, you must ask your Home Chapter to send your up-to-date character information to Alliance Traverse City with enough time so that it arrives no later than the Tuesday prior to the event that you wish to attend.

Alliance Traverse City does not currently accept transfers from any other LARP system.

Alliance Traverse City’s Retiring a Character Policy

It is the policy of Alliance Traverse City that if you retire a character you will receive half of the build you had, to create a new character with. In addition, you will also carry over half of the deaths from your retiring character (rounded up) onto your new character. Your retired character then becomes a permanent NPC whose use is up to plot discretion and who is no longer connected to you in any way. In addition, all of the gear for the retiring character needs to be turned in to plot for use by this new NPC. If you have a valid reason for giving certain items away to friends in game, you may do so. However, you CANNOT then ask for them back for use with your new character. Your new character is a completely new entity and has no ties to either your retired character or your retired character’s friends. That is why you also get new starting gear.

Any infraction of this policy will be considered cheating and there will be strict penalties.

Alliance Traverse City's Schedule of Monies and Fees

Alliance Traverse City is a non-for-profit club. We are not out to make a profit for our personal use or to pay ourselves salaries, as all of our positions are voluntary. It is the goal of Alliance Traverse City to try to provide the best gaming experience for our members. We work to achieve this in a three-part process: by writing amazing plot that involves all of our members; creating an atmosphere in both props and costuming that is second to none; and to provide quality campsites for our members to enjoy themselves.

Alliance Traverse City also recognizes that our members are various ages, in all different stages of life and economic means. We are dedicated to providing affordable and quality entertainment.

Alliance Traverse City is a club and has membership dues. The insurance that protects you and your items from damage is the major portion of the membership dues. Administrative costs are covered in the remainder of the dues and event fees. Alliance Traverse City offers three membership options.

  • Event Trial Membership: for $5.00, you are a member of Alliance Traverse City for one event. This is best used for those who are new to the Alliance or LARPing and are not completely sure if they will like it.

  • 3 Month Membership: for $10.00 you are a member of Alliance Traverse City for (3) three months and may attend all events during those (3) three months.

  • Full Membership: For $20.00, you are a member of Alliance Traverse City for a full year and may attend all events during that year. You also qualify to use goblin stamps to monthly blanket your character for extra XP.

Any player who purchases 2 trial memberships within a 3 month period will have have their membership upgraded to a 3-month membership with the start of that membership being the date of the first trial membership purchase. Likewise, any membership purchases that total $20 within a 1 year period will be upgraded to a 1-year membership with the start date being the date of the first membership purchase that added to that total.

Any players who bounce a check (Hey it happens…. We’re all human) will be required to make good on the check including the bank fee and will be required to pre-pay in the future or pay cash at the door.

Alliance Traverse City's Pay-no-Play Policy

It is the understanding that many players wish to pay at Alliance chapters to generate experience for their characters without actually attending the said event. It is the Policy of Alliance Traverse City that we will accept the membership and registration of any players who have a character retained in an Alliance database for purposes of “paying but not playing.” You must have a current membership with Alliance Traverse City to Pay-no-Play and such transactions will still be required to meet the pre-registration deadline for the event. The pre-registration need only tell us of your intention to Pay-no-Play. It is our hope however, that players will actually ATTEND Alliance Traverse City as we hope to have a lively entertaining game, which you will NOT want to miss!

Alliance Traverse City's PayPal Policy

Alliance Traverse City is utilizing PayPal, an online service that will accept your checks and credit cards through a secure transaction. You may go directly through our website, or you may join up with PayPal (which is free) and pay online (www.paypal.com). When you pay by means of PayPal, you will also have to add a $2.00 service fee to the total monies transferred to cover PayPal’s fees for using their service.

***The account information to send funds to is, BeverlyJByers@yahoo.com

Because of the limitations of the PayPal service, we can only accept credit cards through our website (Membership and Pre-Paying for Events). When you pay at the events, you can only pay by cash or by check.

Alliance Traverse City's Donations and Goblin Stamps Policy

It is the policy of Alliance Traverse City that we wish to fairly compensate all of our members who donate their time and/or materials to Alliance Traverse City. The Alliance gaming system has a compensation system that is known as the goblin stamp. A goblin stamp is a credit that can be used to “purchase” certain items to be used in game or for your character.

In Alliance Traverse City, you can earn goblin stamps by doing various things:

  • Pre-Paying for an Event. (50 gobbies)

  • NPC’ing for Alliance Traverse City at any time during the course of the event.

  • Volunteering as part of the Clean-Up crew for an event.

  • Volunteering as part of the Set-up, Breakdown crew for an event.

  • Volunteering time to help out in Logistics.

  • Filling out an Event Survey after an event is finished.

  • Joining one of Alliance Traverse City’s committee’s and volunteering your time in them.

  • Donating items that Alliance Traverse city has requested on their Donation list.

  • Winning “Best RP/Staying IG” at an event. (50 gobbies)

  • Winning “Best Costume” at an event. (50 gobbies)

  • And many more!

With your earned goblin stamps, you can purchase many things for your character. These include but are not limited to:

  • Monthly Blankets: are limited to those whose “Home” chapter is Alliance Traverse City and have paid a yearly membership.

  • Production Point Items: alchemical substances, potions, scrolls, weapons, armor, arrows, etc. (a limit of 50 stamps per event day may be spent this way)

  • Buying back character deaths. (See rulebook for details)

  • LCO Ritual Scrolls and Reagents: you can purchase items from the Alliance Traverse City’s LCO Ritual Scroll List. This allows you to purchase materials to create LCO items usable at an Alliance Traverse event. Please refer to the Alliance Traverse Out of Game Forums for current list and prices

  • LCO Magic Items: You can purchase pre-created items from the Alliance Traverse City’s LCO Magic Item list. Please refer to the Alliance Traverse Out of Game Forums for current list and prices.

Alliance Traverse City is always looking for donation of materials. It is our commitment to all of our members to have a great atmosphere for our game. To meet this goal, we will have on a regular basis a list of items we are looking for.

Items that are always on the list are:

  • Spell Packets – 1 goblin stamp per 5 packets – White and Orange only with the words NPC written in black waterproof marker.

  • Arrow Packets – 1 goblin stamp per 5 packets – Blue only with the words NPC written in black waterproof marker.

  • Plastic sleeves for ritual scrolls.

  • Items for weapon construction – PVC/CPVC/ultra light cores (.505 fiberglass tubing), Duct tape – all colors and cloth tape, and open cell foam.

  • Costuming Pieces – All kinds

At times, you may find something that you think would be awesome for Alliance Traverse City. This can include fabric for costumes, masks for monsters, clothing, or spell components. If you wish to donate these items please send us an e-mail/pm stating your desire to donate the items you have (or are thinking of buying) before you purchase or bring the item to an event. Alliance Traverse City’s current goblin stamp policy is 5 goblin stamps to the dollar. If you have a receipt of what you paid please produce it, otherwise we will give you 5 goblin stamps on what we determine is fair market value for your item.

While we usually will accept most donations, Alliance Traverse City reserves the right of turning away any “donation” that was not previously authorized via emails/pm’s, which we feel, is unsuitable for our use.

For donations given at the event that are acceptable and usable by Alliance Traverse City that were not previously authorized via email/pm, please be aware that you may not receive your goblin stamp value until the end of the event or later. We will do our utmost job to evaluate your item at the event, but please be patient with us; you will be contacted as to how many goblin stamps you are awarded for your donated item(s). The Donations Coordinator and other members of the staff will evaluate the items donated and without a receipt will give you 5 goblin stamps to the dollar on what we determine is fair market value. With receipt, it is 5 goblin stamps to the dollar.

If you wish to help with props or costuming in any way, please feel free to contact us via the Out-of-Game post boards or by email at Traversecostumes@gmail.com or Traverseprops@gmail.com

Alliance Traverse City's Alcohol and Illegal Substances Policy

Alliance Traverse City forbids the use of all alcoholic beverages and other illegal substances at all events. Do not bring them. This is role-playing and you should be able to have fun without the use of chemicals. If you are found with banned substances, or intoxicated by them, you will receive a punishment that could involve expulsion from the event, the chapter, or even legal action.

Alliance Traverse City's Prescription Drugs Policy

While Alliance Traverse City understands that there are players who require the use of prescription drugs for their day-to-day lives, we have to make it clear on their use when it concerns our events. Alliance Traverse would have it known that if you are currently using any prescription drug that would impair your judgment or physical coordination and would possibly bring harm to you or our other members you will not be allowed to attend one of our events while under the influence of that drug.

Alliance Traverse City's Food and Drink Policy

It is the goal of Alliance Traverse City that all of its members enter into game on Friday Opening Ceremony and do not go out-of-game until Sunday’s Closing Ceremonies. We believe in having a total role-playing experience. To help encourage this, Alliance Traverse City offers the following meal schedule:

Saturday Morning – Breakfast

Saturday Afternoon – Lunch

Saturday Night – Dinner

Sunday Morning – Leftovers

These meal times are subject to change based on attendance and plot.

It is asked that if you are a vegetarian, or have other food issues (such as allergies), that you contact our tavern coordinator via the PM boards(Gwen) or through e-mail (Traversetavern@gmail.com) with your concerns. We always strive to accommodate people’s dietary needs.

The food storage area in our designated “Tavern” is off limits to all members (players and non-player characters). The food storage is considered an out-of-game area and will be treated as such. This is represented In-Game by a “Servants Ward”. A “Servants Ward” is exactly like a regular ward except that it allows a “servant” to hand food to people through the ward. Unauthorized entrance/access of the food storage area will result in disciplinary action as written in our Disciplinary Policy.

Please note we have to have a strict food policy because we have no way of locking up our supplies and we have wild animals that may be about. All personal food items not in the process of being consumed must remain IN the cabins. Also, please do not throw food trash outside, as this will definitely attract animals.

Alliance Traverse City's Harassment Policy

Alliance Traverse City’s Sexual Harassment Policy
Alliance Traverse City, (and Michigan law) forbids inappropriate behavior with minors under the age of sixteen (16). Remember that people’s characters may not correspond to their real-life ages! If you are a minor and under the age of sixteen (16), do not get into an awkward situation and make sure people know your true age. If you are 16 or older, make sure you know the true age of any person with whom you role-play.

Alliance Traverse City (and Michigan law) also forbids inappropriate non-consensual touching no matter what the persons’ ages. Do not feel pressured into doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. If someone says no, they mean no. Stop immediately. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, call a Hold, immediately. If your partner does not respect your wishes, get an Alliance Traverse City Marshal immediately. Alliance Traverse City is a game, and the only obligation is to have fun and not to hurt anybody. If anybody violates these rules they will be punished, which could include expulsion from the event, from the chapter, even legal action. So take this seriously.

Alliance Traverse City’s General Harassment Policy
It is the hope of Alliance Traverse City that all of its members can interact with each other in a friendly, respectful and adult manner. However, we recognize the fact that at times this does not always happen. In Alliance Traverse City, if you feel that another member of Alliance Traverse City is harassing you in any way, you must go to an Alliance Traverse City Marshall (or other official) during the event when/where the harassment took place. The marshal will then contact the person with whom you have a grievance against and a preliminary investigation will begin to determine if disciplinary action is warranted.

Any type of Harassment or bringing Out-Of-Game animosity to a player In-Game will not be tolerated. If the animosity between the parties escalates to a point that it disrupts the game or endangers any of Alliance Traverse City members, all parties involved will be removed from the Alliance Traverse City’s event and their membership will be suspended until an investigation can be performed.

Alliance Traverse City asks that you carefully consider all of your actions in dealing with a person you have a conflict with and let a marshal handle the conflict instead of creating a situation by attempting to deal with it yourself.

Alliance Traverse City's Camp Cleanliness Policy

Because of the requirements of the camp we are utilizing, Alliance Traverse City has been forced to adopt a stringent cleaning policy, which will be strictly enforced. Each Cabin will have a Cabin Head assigned. That member is responsible for insuring that their cabin is completely cleaned before leaving at the end of the event. (Cleaning the cabin also includes policing the area around it.) It is the responsibility of the Cabin Head, to have a member of Alliance Traverse City staff to inspect their cabin before leaving the site. If the Cabin Head leaves and their cabin/area is left a mess, the Cabin Head will be fined ($20) twenty dollars for the cleaning of the cabin/area.

Making sure that we are good renters and cleaning up after ourselves will enable us to use the camp again at a later date. No one wants to rent to slobs.

Alliance Traverse City's Smoking Policy

Alliance Traverse City’s will allow its members to smoke cigarettes in designated smoking areas. These areas will be labeled with a sign and will have a can for all cigarette butts to be extinguished inside.

All smokers that use the smoking designated area are also required to keep the area clean and leave all cigarette butts in the can/bucket provided. If it is found that cigarette butts are not being thrown away properly and the smoking areas are not kept clean, then Alliance Traverse City will adopt a No Smoking policy. We do not wish to keep our smokers from smoking, however, smoking is a privilege, and if that privilege is taken advantage of, it will no longer be an option.

Alliance Traverse City's Stealing Policy

It is the hope of Alliance Traverse City that all of its members will respect the property of Alliance Traverse City and that of their fellow person. It is each individual’s responsibility to have their possessions clearly marked or labeled so such items can be clearly identified and returned to the proper owner. All property of Alliance Traverse City will be classified and labeled as being the property of such.

Any member (player or non-player character) found stealing the property of another player without an Alliance Traverse City Marshal present (when required by the rules), will be suspended from Alliance Traverse City until an investigation has been performed.

Any member (player or non-player character) found stealing the property of Alliance Traverse City would be suspended from Alliance Traverse City until an investigation has been performed.

If it has been determined that said individual has been stealing, their membership from Alliance Traverse City will be revoked and not refunded, and they will be refused from participating in any Alliance Traverse City activities or events. In addition, a note will be made to all Alliance chapters.

Alliance Traverse City's Costume Requirements Policy

It is the goal of Alliance Traverse City that we provide the best entertainment to our members. We feel that to do so, we need to create a realistic and fantastical “new” reality for all of our members to step away from their former realities and enter into a land of possibilities. We are striving to have a medieval fantasy atmosphere at our events. With this goal in mind, we have the following costume policy.

We politely request that individuals do not wear: all jeans (including colored jeans), sneakers (with the exception of black), clothing with logos or emblems on them and anything anachronistic. We ask that you make a reasonable attempt at medieval fantasy clothing. Please also remember to dress warmly in the winter and to dress appropriately for a camp in the summer.

ALL NPCS: Are asked to bring dark colored sweat suits with NO LOGOS on them. Black, Dark Grey, Dark Blue, and Brown are fine. While we have costumes for you to wear at the event please feel free to bring any prosthetics you may own, personal wigs you wish to wear or anything else for your personal use. We will let you know what is appropriate for you to wear for the plot.

Alliance Traverse City would like to reward its members that spend time and energy into creating a great costume. We will be awarding the “Best Dressed” award at the end of every event. This award will give the winner 50 goblin stamps.

If you need assistance with costuming, please feel free to email our Head of Costumes at Traversecostumes@gmail.com.

Alliance Traverse City's In-Game vs. Out-of-Game Policy

It is Alliance Traverse City’s goal to have its members enter into game from Friday’s Opener to Sunday’s Closing. However, we recognize that there is a need at times to go out-of-game and have designated out-of-game areas.

Alliance Traverse City has designated out-of-game areas. These are:

  • The Tavern’s Food Storage area. (Restricted to authorized staff/tavern volunteers only)

  • All bathroom areas

  • NPC Camp

  • The parking lot

Traditionally the area under a member’s bed is also considered out-of-game to hide any anachronistic items. However, we ask that all players take this one-step further by having a box that is designated and labeled OOG and/or list what items of yours are out-of-game on the Marshal’s notes posted on the door. This is primarily important for Marshals to be able to judge what is in game and out-of-game should any member’s character attempt to search and steal any of your in game items.

If at any time you need to go out-of-game, you are required to wear a white headband, this distinguishes you as out-of-game. When you take yourself out-of-game, all of the items that were on your character are now also out-of-game (this represents your character stepping away to do something else during the time that you are away). These items should be placed in your designated out-of-game area and marked on the Marshal notes.

If you wish to sleep out-of-game, you must have a Marshal make a notation on your cabin’s Marshal Notes and you must mark your bunk with a clear sign that states “Sleeping OOG”.

At no time should any member hide items that they wish to use in game in their car or other out of game areas. This includes a member’s character treasure. It will be considered cheating if you do so. This is why it is important for you to mark on the Marshal’s Notes if you are stepping OOG and placing the items that your character would have on you in the OOG area. This lets the Marshal know the present situation.

Traverse City IBGA Policy

At Traverse City we accept IBGA (in-between game actions). These are helpful to both your character and to your plot team (as know what you are interested and develop plots regarding these). The Plot Team discusses your IBGA and will submit a response within a timely manner. To submit an IBGA you must be pre-reg’d for the next event (http://traversecitylarp.com/pre-reg/) and submit it the Wednesday before the event (otherwise see Mini-IBGA below). Please submit IBGA to coryjwalker@gmail.com. By 2017 you will be able to submit an IBGA on traversecitylarp.com directly.

We allow one standard IBGA and one additional IBGA related to craftsman.

The standard IBGA is an action. These are good for exploring, seeking more information from a certain NPC (or perhaps just courting favor), guild related business, or whatever. Bear in mind, depending on your IBGA, it may have to resolve in-game.

The additional craftsman IBGA is something related to your craftsman skill. This action must be related to your craftsman. Please submit state how many ranks of your craftsman skill you have, as results will vary if you are an amateur (1 rank of craftsman) to journeyman (10 ranks) to master (20 ranks) to grandmaster (30 ranks). This IBGA can be used injunction to support your standard IBGA or as it’s own separate action. This action must be related to your craftsman.

In addition, starting in September 2016, I (or another member of Plot) will be available opening logistics for Mini-IBGA. This privilege is again extended only to pre-reg’d players and does not stack with your submitted IBGA. Mini-IBGA’s will not get a response, but are still great way of letting us what you are hoping to accomplish this market day (or if your seeking to talk to a certain NPC!)

Any other questions, please post in the forums and a plot member will answer them (usually within 24 hours if not sooner)

Alliance Traverse City’s Spirit of the Game Policy

We at Alliance Traverse City fully support creating an environment for our players wherein they can have the most enjoyable experience possible. All members of Staff and the players should work together to promote the “Spirit of the Game”. The Alliance rulebook has a section on page 34 termed the “Spirit of the Rules”.This section brings to light what the “Spirit of the Game” means to us. However, we would also like to briefly explain the idea so that all our players fully understand the nature of the game that we wish to create for them.

There are some rules in the Alliance game system that somewhat have loopholes or debatable points which could be used or abused to the benefit of a player, but not in the manner in which the rules were designed. Because of this fact, some players will argue or “lawyer” the rules to a point where the nature of a rule becomes a moot point and the player’s desire to “win” in a situation takes over. This style of play is something that we strongly discourage here at Alliance Traverse City.

To follow the “Spirit of the Game”, continuing to debate whether or not a spell or weapon struck you for more than a moment is a thing you should avoid. The Alliance game system is built largely upon an honor system. We expect all our players not to cheat and to promote swift combat situations wherein the amount of arguing concerning hits or spells is very minimal. Respect your fellow players and know that if they tell you something hit you, that they will not be telling you a lie. If it is found that they are lying and it becomes a recurring problem, they will not be welcome to play at Alliance Traverse City for very much longer.

We understand that everyone makes mistakes from time to time and there could be times where both player and NPC alike can make these kinds of mistakes. When they do occur, please try to recognize the nature and intention of the rule and that there may have been a discrepancy in the use of that rule and to play accordingly in regards to that. If your friend calls a “shield spell” instead of a “Spell Shield”, correct him, but accept it. Go on with the game knowing that the “Spirit of the Game” isn’t waiting three seconds and then yelling at the top of your lungs “Blown!” while your friends beat him up.

We at Alliance Traverse city promote playing in the “Spirit of the Game” and using the rules for what they were intended. Nevertheless, even with our promotion of the “Spirit of the Game”, we also discourage a disregard for the rules and taking advantage of the ideals that we set forth while instituting the “Spirit of the Game” at Alliance Traverse City.

The reason that we all play the Alliance game is for the experience, for the intensity and for the feeling that one gets when you are surrounded by people who are all there for the same purpose. We would like to promote role-play and staying in character as much as possible and in doing so feel that we will be able to create the best and most fun Alliance experience for all of our players.

Another aspect of the “Spirit of the Game” that we feel is very important is, staying in character as much as possible. Whether you are traveling through the woods with your friends to scout an enemy encampment, sitting beside the fire telling stories of the days battles, or just relaxing in your cabin, always stay in character. The feeling of immersion and the effectiveness of the suspension of disbelief within an Alliance experience is always improved one hundred percent by its players and plot members staying in game and not making out of game or anachronistic references at any time.

If we find that players have come to Alliance Traverse City with no or little intention to promote the “Spirit of the Game”, we will try our best to instill the “Spirit of the Game” within them, so that they have an enjoyable experience like everyone else. However, if over time, we discover that the player is coming to Alliance Traverse City with the attention to abuse rules and abuse the game in general, then it is likely we will not encourage them to return.

We would hope that all of the players coming to Alliance Traverse City would understand the reasons why we strongly support the “Spirit of the Game”. That keeping in character, playing the Alliance game for the right reasons, the spirit of the rule, not the literal wording of it, will always make for a much more enjoyable experience for you and your friends.

Alliance Traverse City's Rules Infraction Policy

Alliance Traverse City has a no tolerance policy for any member that is caught cheating.
Alliance Traverse City defines cheating as a blatant and repeated disrespect for the rules and policies that govern Alliance Traverse City. If a member is repeatedly warned about an offense and refuses to learn from his/her mistakes, they will be asked to leave the Alliance Traverse City event and will have a mark placed beside their name in the Alliance Traverse City Character database. If that member gets a total of three marks to their name or has been grossly found guilty in endangering or threatening the members of Alliance Traverse City they will be promptly removed from the campsite, their membership will be revoked with no refund, they will no longer be allowed to participate in any Alliance Traverse City event and a note will be sent to all Alliance chapters regarding the offender and offense. It is our hope that none of our members will feel the need to cheat but will abide by the Alliance Rules and Alliance Traverse City’s Policies and have a fun time.

Alliance Traverse City's Disciplinary Actions Policy

There are many specific things that are not allowed to occur on the battlefields and grounds of Alliance Traverse City. The purpose of these warnings and disciplinary cards is to make mass combats and general game play safer for all Alliance Traverse City members. Warnings are given to inform a member of their actions, and in an effort to improve a member’s attention to becoming a safer and better player. They are not given to humiliate a member. They are given on the field of battle during an encounter to raise awareness in everyone like in any professional physical event of competition. Combat in an Alliance chapter is a privilege. As we are a live action role-playing game combat plays a necessary, but secondary, role to the role-play.

In specific and defined ways within the rules of the game are four specific types of infractions:Dangerous Combat Infractions, Illegal Combat Infractions, Role-Playing Infractions,and Alliance Traverse City Policy Infractions. Often the infractions below are considered by those with a strict interpretation of the rules to be forms of cheating. Any of the infractions below if taken to an extreme can be grounds for removal from Alliance Traverse City.

Dangerous Combat Infraction: (DCI)
A Dangerous Combat Infraction is anything that results or could result in an injury to a member. Dangerous Combat Infractions typically involve potential or actual body contact, which is strictly forbidden except by approved methods as defined within the Alliance Rulebook. The following are defined as “Dangerous Combat”.

  • Throwing Packets too hard in such a way as to result in potential injury.

  • Charging.

  • Shield Bashing.

  • Use of non-approved Alliance weapons or illegal packet materials in combat.

  • Dangerous Acrobatics (Sliding, rolling towards players, acrobatics)

  • Hitting too hard with a weapon.

  • Failure to cease hitting downed opponents.

  • Repeated/deliberate striking of opponents in illegal target areas. (Head, Hands, Groin)

  • Throwing weapons or other objects (out of anger).

  • Out-of-Game screaming at other players, intimidating behavior or otherwise dangerous behavior.

Illegal combat infractions: (ICI)
Illegal combat infractions are behaviors and habits that are explicitly indicated as incorrect in the Alliance Rulebook, but typically not intentional. Such things that are illegal combat infractions are the following:

  • Failure to finish an incantation before releasing a packet.

  • Failure to call out combat damage clearly. (Machine Gunning)

  • Failing to use a 45 degree arc when swinging, or swinging too quickly.

  • Failure to call off defensives within designated time (3 seconds).

  • Not taking attacks/failing to properly take carrier attacks, spells, poisons or affects.

  • Casting scrolls, using potions, or otherwise using items for which you have no tag and/or no physical representation.

  • Utilizing scrolls incorrectly or without proper light.

Role-playing Infractions: (RPI)

Role-playing Infractions are not as common as Combat Infractions, and only apply when there are blatant violations which harm the atmosphere of the game to such a degree that you are ruining the fun of other players. Examples include:

  • Talking loudly about OOG things in an IG area

  • Smoking in a prohibited area

  • Not wearing the appropriate costume (for example, wearing jeans and tennis shoes)

  • Refusing to role-play effects upon you (for example, walking away yawning while under the effect of a Fear)

  • Role-playing your race incorrectly or not wearing the required racial makeup and/or costume

  • We’re not here to be your drama coaches and you will not be punished for “bad acting.”

Alliance Traverse City’s Policy Infractions: (TCPI)
An Alliance Traverse City’s Policy Infraction is anything that results in the breaking of an Alliance Traverse City Policy. The following are examples of “Policy Infractions”.

  • A PAGE entering within 20 feet of combat.

  • A PAGE not having their orange headband on or having it hidden.

  • A PAGE that is not with their parent(s) or guardian(s).

  • A Non-Player Character that does not follow the directions on their NPC card.

  • Any Alliance Traverse City member that is caught stealing either player property without the presence of a marshal, as required by the rules, or any member that is caught stealing Alliance Traverse City property.

  • Any member that is not authorized to be in the Tavern Food Storage Area, found inside of it.

Infractions (both battlefield and policy) are called as a marshal sees them or is reported of one. When a dramatic violation occurs, a player is immediately issued a formal card warning to be placed up their ring. They are to place this on their ring and keep it there for the remainder of the event. The cards are required to be returned at the end of the event.

The marshal will write down the member’s name and their Alliance Traverse City player number. The first card has no penalty other than a warning. The second card results in a member being placed in PAGE status for the duration of two hours. The third card results in a PAGE status for the remainder of the weekend.

The member who received a second or third card can role-play and enjoy him or herself, but they may not participate in combat, must wear a headband, and may not use any in-game skills that are combat orientated. They furthermore cannot carry any item with a weapon tag, or carry packets. Any violations of the strictures of the second or third cards result in the member being asked to leave the Alliance Traverse City event.

These infractions are cumulative in nature and will carry from one event to the next, so long as they take place within one calendar year of each other.

Alliance Traverse City recognizes that there are many new players who are not completely sure of the Alliance Rule’s System. All of Alliance Traverse City’s marshals are dedicated to being as fair as possible with everyone and will take into consideration the amount of time you have played in the Alliance gaming system. However being a new player does not give you an excuse to not learn the rules. If you are found breaking the same rule repeatedly despite warnings, you will be considered cheating and thus fall under our Cheating Policy.

Alliance Traverse City's Marshal Calls and Adjudications Policy

In a given rules call situation, the marshal who was initially addressed to make the rules decision has the final say. Marshals are encouraged to communicate with one another while making this decision, but the marshal who initially addressed the situation will ALWAYS make the final call. All Alliance Traverse City marshals will abide by this policy of situation ownership.

Players must also be aware that a marshal’s decision is final and for all intents and purposes correct (even if it is incorrect). In the event a player disagrees with a marshal’s call, the player may bring this to the attention of one of Alliance Traverse City’s Marshals and request an adjudication. All adjudications will be brought before the Alliance Traverse City’s Head of Rules at an appropriate time and he/she with the Rule’s Committee will decide on your case. If an adjudication is deemed necessary, there will be a plot/rules coordination for an In-Game resolution of the situation. Under no circumstances will Alliance Traverse City operate under the “X event never happened” policy.

You must announce your intention of adjudication as soon as possible or before resurrecting in the case of a death. All adjudications should be submitted in writing within a month of the incident.