The Alliance Rule Book contains all of the rules for every Alliance campaign. It is full of color photos, graphs, examples, advice, and explanations of all of the rules. The ebook is in PDF form and is FREE! click and download. The paperback version is in black and white, but there is a very expensive deluxe color version available for those who would prefer it.

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Chapters include:Alliancelarp full cover

Introduction / A Guide to Role-playing / How to be an NPC / The Game World / The Alliance Code of Conduct / Races / Classes / The Skill System / Production Skills / Skills / Special Abilities / Mental Abilities / Possessions / Armor / Weapons / Logistics / In-Game Limitations / Matters of Life and Death / Combat / Effects and Deliveries / Magic / Alchemy / Effects / Formal Magic / High Magic / Rituals / Traps / Stealing and Searching / Goblin Points / Writing Adventures / Table Top Gaming Rules / Glossary / Index